bwbug: Quick reminder about the BWBUG meeting today at 2:45 at Radio Free Asia

Michael Fitzmaurice Michael.Fitzmaurice at
Tue May 9 06:12:01 PDT 2006

This is a reminder that the BWBUG meeting will be today at 2:45 at the
Radio Free Asia location. The talk by Crosswalk on their new iGrid
solution for very fast data I/O will be well worth your time.


If you would like to participate in the Web Cast please send me an email
and I will forward the number and the link. Likewise regarding the live
video web feed let me know if you want the link. If you are coming to
the event or connecting through the web please register so that we can
plan correctly. Click here to register



Whether you will attend in person or virtual today we look forward to
seeing you.



Michael Fitzmaurice


703-502-2904 (o)

703-973-9054 (c)


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