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Please join us at 2:45 at 2025 M Street for the talk on Parallel Global  
Files Systems by Panasas.
David Nagle Advanced Development Architect at Panasas 

The Panasas Storage Cluster is a revolutionary  advance in storage technology 
that provides highly-scalable,  high-performance storage for Linux clusters 
while delivering  appliance-like storage management across the entire storage 
cluster. At  the heart of the Panasas storage system is the new Object-based 
Storage  Device (OSD) that delivers linear scalability across a wide range of  
cluster applications, from scientific applications such as computational  fluid 
dynamics for oil and gas exploration to traditional NFS and CIFS  services. 
This talk will present the Panasas Storage System, beginning  with the 
advantages of the Object-based Storage Architecture and detailing  how the Panasas 
Storage Cluster achieves its high degree of scalability in  the areas of 
performance, capacity, manageability and  security 
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