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Professor Tarek El-Ghazawi 




The synergy between high-performance computing and reconfigurable
computing, based on field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) has resulted
in a new class of computer architectures, namely reconfigurable
high-performance computer systems. Such systems inherently support both
fine-grain and coarse-grain parallelism, and can potentially tune their
architecture dynamically to fit applications. Advances in this area have
progressed at different levels: clusters with reconfigurable accelerator
boards, stand-alone parallel computers, and distributed reconfigurable
systems. In addition to the very rich body of research work, this
direction has resulted in early reconfigurable supercomputers from some
of the traditional high-performance computing companies. Developments
included the Cray XD1, the SGI Altix/RASC, the SRC 6 family, and the
Starbridge Hypercomputer family of architectures.




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