bwbug: Next meeting will be Jan 11 in McLean Virginia

Michael Fitzmaurice Michael.Fitzmaurice at
Wed Dec 28 09:36:42 PST 2005

Sun Federal has graciously invited the BWBUG to a presentation at the
SUN I Force Demonstration Center for the January. Since the 11th was the
only day available on that week the meeting will be on a Wednesday.
Please note the change.

The time will be 2:30 to 5:00 PM as usual at Sun at 7900 Westpark Drive,
McLean Virginia Wed January 11, 2006.. The speaker will be Dr. AJ
Mahajan Senior Solutions Manager, from Sun Federal. AJ will talk about
the recent implementation and design of the SUN HPC grid Cluster Max
Planck Institute for Astronomy link
<> . The system is build
on Sun's new AMD Opetron based processor servers and Voltaire
InfiniBand as a switch fabric.


A.J. Mahajan is a Senior Solutions Manager in Enterprise Systems
Products at Sun Microsystems. He is involved in designing and marketing
of reference architectures for data warehousing, business intelligence,
and vertical industry applications. After receiving a PhD in engineering
from Duke University, he worked at NASA, Cray Research, SGI and Sun in
engineering, marketing and sales.

Seating will be limited so please register ASAP.


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