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Sun Jul 10 05:37:33 PDT 2005

The next meeting date will be at a new location. Tuesday July 12th  the
time will be 2:00 to 5:00 PM at 2025 M Street NW Washington DC 20036  and
will feature a series of technical briefings featuring Greg  Lindalh
Distinguished Engineer and Founder at PathScale. Greg is one of the  most
sought-after speakers on HPC. Greg will also speak about the new  Dual
Core Opteron Processor. This will be the seventh event in a series  of
what we describe as "THE LINUX CLUSTER FORUM" which will focus  on
complete Linux Cluster solutions for mission critical applications  and
production research.

Please Note Venue Change for the July  12th Meeting which will be at
Radio Free Asia in downtown DC. This is the  same site that hosts the
DCLUG meetings. Directions are available on the  DCLUG site:


Live  video stream in ogg theora format will be available  at:


The camera operator will be available in #bwbug on  to
relay questions from remote attendees.

Please click on the  link to  register

Michael  Fitzmaurice


703-502-2904  (o)

703-973-9054 (c)
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