bwbug: BWBUG Meeting today at 1:00 PM ARMY NAVY COUNTRY CLUB in Arlington, VA

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Tue Mar 15 04:44:29 PST 2005

This is a brief reminder that the Beowulf Users Group meeting will start at  
1:00 PM at a new location. The Army Navy Country Club (1700 Army Navy Drive,  
Arlington, VA  22202) is hosting the event. If you need directions please  go 
to the BWBUG site _http://www.bwbug.org_ (  
The talk will focus on Dell's complete Linux Cluster HPC solution with a  
supported software stack. Dr. Stephen Wheat from Intel Corp. will provide the  
latest road map from Intel.
See you there today. Think about inviting a colleague or friend to the  
meeting. They will thank you for it.
Mike Fitzmaurice
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