bwbug: BWBUG Meeting Tuesday, April 13, 3pm

Vann H. Walke walkev at
Wed Apr 7 10:50:27 PDT 2004

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Date:     April 13, 2004 
Time:     3:00 PM 
Location: Northrop Grumman Offices at 7575
          Colshire Drive; McLean, VA 22102
Speaker:  Matthew T. O'Keefe, Ph.D., Director
          of Storage Strategy, Red Hat, Inc.

"Scalable, High Performance Compute and Storage Clustering with Red
Hat's Open Source Architecture"
With the recent acquisition of Sistina Software and its cluster file
system and volume management technologies, Red Hat is poised to further
broaden and strengthen its Open Source Architecture (OSA) for clustering
Lintel server and storage technologies. In this talk, we will describe
the GFS and CLVM clustering technologies, how they fit into the Red Hat
OSA, and how they can solve large scale compute problems of interest to
the BWBUG audience. GFS and CLVM will also be compared and contrasted to
other interesting storage technologies including Lustre, PVFS, and

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