bwbug: BWBUG Meeting this Tuesday at Northrop Grumman in McLean

Fitzmaurice, Michael michael.fitzmaurice at
Mon Jan 12 06:42:33 PST 2004

Topic: "Sun Beowulf Strategy." 
	Sun Microsystems will provide an in-depth presentation regarding
their success to date and future strategy to become one of the world leaders
in Beowulf systems. The presentation will cover current and planned features
of Sun Grid Engine <>, as well
as the new Sun Fire V60x Compute Grid Rack System. Sun has installed a
number of Linux Beowulf Clusters on the Top 500
<> List in 2003. Sun will tell us how
they plan to add many more Clusters to the list in 2004. There will also be
a detailed discussion of Sun's AMD Opteron strategy. 

	The meeting is in McLean, Virginia

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