bwbug: Job opportunities

David Rhoades drhoades at
Wed Dec 3 07:34:55 PST 2003

I'm aware of two job opportunities for people with Linux clustering
experience - two in DC.  There's also one in Monterrey, CA, but it's more
Unix/NT admin, and less Linux.

One of the jobs in DC is for administration of a cluster doing
meteorological-like work and requires a DoD Secret clearance.  It's a 3-year
contract, and the opening is immediate.

The other DC job is for someone with a strong software development
background in an HPC environment.  No clearance is required, but the person
does need to be a US citizen and able to be cleared.

Both DC jobs are near Springfield, VA.

The job in Monterrey is more of a Unix system admin/LAN/programming job and
requires a TS/SSBI with polygraph.

If you're interested in more details, please contact me.  All information
will be held in strictest confidence.

David Rhoades
drhoades at
Cell 703-244-0579

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