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David Rhoades drhoades at
Tue Jul 1 18:37:57 PDT 2003

> Our next meeting: July 08, 2003 at 3:00pm
> Location: Northrop Grumman Offices at 7575 Colshire Drive;
> McLean, VA 22102
> (directions below)
> Speaker: Oliver Zeng, Freddie Mac
> Topic: "Distributed Computing Made Simple"
> 	Distributed computing has been too hard for too long. Whether it's
> solving a complex problem like weather forecasting, or a relatively small
> problem like multi-player gaming, distributed computing has required the
> best programmers. Enter JavaSpaces and Jini, Sun's latest networking
> technologies. The loosely coupled nature of JavaSpaces and the dynamic
> infrastructure of Jini have presented great potentials to change that and
> bring distributed computing to you. This talk will demonstrate to you that
> JavaSpaces and Jini make writing a reliable and scalable distributed
> application much simpler, and more importantly, they make it possible to
> evolve your applications as requirements change and build complexity
> incrementally through the composition of simple things.
> T. Michael Fitzmaurice, Jr.
> Northrop Grumman Information Technology Government Solutions
> 8110 Gatehouse Road, Suite 400W
> Falls Church, VA 22042
> 703-205-3132 office
> 240-475-7877 cell
> Email  michael.fitzmaurice at
> <mailto:michael.fitzmaurice at>

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