bwbug: parallel I/O balancing on storage in Linux clusters

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Mon Dec 9 07:57:26 PST 2002

This looks interesting ....

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Paper: cs.DC/0212006
From: Gianluca Argentini <laura.pieropan at>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 12:57:50 GMT   (240kb)

Title: Use of openMosix for parallel I/O balancing on storage in Linux cluster
Authors: Gianluca Argentini
Comments: Linux clustering, conference in CINECA, 28 november 2002; 2 figures,
  2 tables
Subj-class: Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing; Databases
ACM-class: C.1.2; C.2.4; H.3.3

  In this paper I present some experiences made in the matter of I/O for Linux
Clustering.  In particular is illustrated the use of the package openMosix, a
balancer of workload for processes running in a cluster of nodes.  I describe
some tests for balancing the load of I/O storage massive processes in a cluster
with four components.  This work is been written for the proceedings of the
workshop Linux cluster: the openMosix approach held at CINECA, Bologna, Italy,
on 28 november 2002.
\\ ( ,  240kb)

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