bwbug: BWBUG meeting next Tuesday August 13

David Rhoades drhoades at
Thu Aug 8 05:28:32 PDT 2002

Just a reminder that we will be having a meeting next Tuesday at the
Northrop Grumman facility in Greenbelt at 3PM (the Lombardi Room - if you
get lost go to the 10th floor and they'll help you there).  There will be a
nice door prize or two (I've got another 80GB IDE hard drive to give away,
and a gift certificate may also be available).

The topic will be an interesting one.  Dave Ritch, Technical Director at
High Performance Technologies, Inc. will be sharing their experiences with
migrating from OpenPBS to Sun Grid Engine on the 500+ cpu linux clustered
system at Forecast Systems Labs in Boulder, Colorado.  Both products are
open source and this talk should help give you an idea of the merits of each
for use on your Beowulf systems.  They are in the midst of this transition,
I believe, and will have a lot of hard-earned practical lessons learned.

Unfortunately, our web was being kept up by a Northrop employee who left the
company.  So we're in the market for another volunteer, and our site has not
been updated since early June.  The directions at are still
accurate, but the announcements there are old.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


David Rhoades
Conservative Computer, Inc.
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703-244-0579 Cell
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