bwbug: RE: Linux Cluster Problems

Frank Summers summers at
Fri Jun 21 05:56:54 PDT 2002

Your problem sounds reminiscent of the ext3 bug in the
stock Red Hat 7.3 kernel (2.4.18-3). I believe that this
bug was for the SMP kernel only, though.

Red Hat provided an update less than a week after the
release of 7.3 to kernel 2.4.18-4. Make sure you are
using the newer kernel.

I have a 17 node cluster (master + 16 slaves) running
RH7.3 here at Space Telescope. I have seen some minor
performance delays due to NFS traffic, but nothing major.
Of course, I'm probably using my cluster in distinctly
different ways than you. My jobs are CPU hogs, but not
bandwidth intensive.

Frank Summers

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