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Mills, Stephen steve at
Sat Apr 27 06:01:54 PDT 2002

I'm looking for some help with a cluster we're building for a customer.  My
tech quit -- saying over his shoulder as he left "its all done except for
loading Linda".  Can someone help?  or refer me to someone who can?  As you
might imagine, we're already past due on delivery and need help NOW.
Operators standing by.
Once the box is out I would also like some personal training so I can better
understand these beasts in the future.  
And yes, its a consulting (money) job -- not a request for free help.
Stephen L. Mills
VP Marketing
Custom Fit, Inc.  a custom fit from standard parts
4425 Brookfield Corp Dr #800
Chantilly, VA   20151
(703) 378-8340 x200
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smills at <mailto:smills at> 
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