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Mon Nov 1 19:50:20 PST 2004

happy with the decorations, and felt that things went incredibly smoothly.

The things we can improve on for next time seem to include:
(1) Getting more instructors and relying less on the same small handful of 
people to teach classes;
(2) Communicating the class schedule better to try to avoid having teachers 
with back-to-back classes in different rooms;
(3) Using our class rooms more effectively to reduce cross-talk, and be MORE 
willing to let folks know when their sound is bleeding over into other 
(4) More cheese on the dessert table.  :)

More comments are welcomed!  The sooner we hear them, the better.  :)

The good:

I thought things went remarkably smoothly.  Kudos to the autocrat.  The 
presence of Middle Eastern classes was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Having 
non-academians do troll was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.  Having a two hour break for 
dinner was VERY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.  The site was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD (although 
next year the western dancers get the room with the mirrors--fair is fair ;) 

The less good:

As I mentioned before, I think that a complete schedule should have gone out 
to instructors well before it was finalized in print.  If that had happened, 
the problem with me (and someone else too, I think) getting stuck with two 
classes in a row in different rooms (very bad) would have been avoidable.  
Also, I know at other dance events, instructors are given some input in the 
scheduling order so that they don't miss a class that they desperately want 
to take.  This may well be too difficult to actually pull off, but it's an 

Also, I think next year we (meaning the academie and/or the general dancing 
public of Atlantia) should strive to have no teacher teach more than one 
class.  I was really somewhat disappointed to see that four instructors 
taught two classes each and two taught one and that one of the former was 
FROM OUT OF KINGDOM.  I refuse to believe that we can't do better than that.

Oh, and cheese at the post revel. ;)
if I might put my 2 sheckles in. congratulations to all , Vard  
especially...on a wonderful event where most of what I saw were smiles and 
most of what I heard was laughter...When was the last time you went to an 
event that was that out and out HAPPY! THat alons was worth the trip.

I thought the decorations were gorgeous.both in the middleastern and 
european sectores..and I was happy to see the cross attendance that went 
on...what ever encouraged that....VIVAT!

I was also delighted to see the lovey room sizes that both groups got . the 
classes were exactly what they said they would be in the programm and the 
time glitch went smoothly ( not our fault...the SCA suffers from folks 
double booking our spaces more than I can count)..a marvel because many 
times a teacher has to pinch hit  because another teacher has been unable to 
arrive for some horrible breakdown..bubonic plauge...

One thing thing that I take full responsiblity for.. being that the Lovely 
Isdihara took over and ran the major portion of this for me owing to family 
problems that made it im possible for me to fulfill my original duties

when the European sector admitted to concernes over cross talk disrupting 
their classes, we probalby pulled too far back trying to avoid this problem 
and in doing so caused another problem..we had 3 lectures in a row...which 
BTW were hard to hear guessed it, the exuberent dancing 
clapping and callling out on the other side of the wall..carried quite 
clearly and I didnt have the sense to let anybody know! I know if I had t,he 
problem could have been fixed..but by the time I did....the lectures were 
almost over.

NExt year if both sides have a cross talk issue...pehaps we could shedule a 
lecture room besides..and have it shared by the middle eastern and europen 
factions...thuse having a "quiet " space with places to sit and take notes 
and then  "loud" rooms so people can dance and play music as they feel 
inspired withouth worring too much about their neighbors.?

Of course it might take some geographic tinkering..(location location 
location) but I think the reliefe to all would be worth  while.

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