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Mon Nov 1 19:50:20 PST 2004

Prince Frederick.  Continue south on MD Rt 2/4 past Cove Point Road, and 
continue 4 more miles to Solomons. (Total 20 miles from Prince Frederick). 
Go past the traffic light at the Food Lion, then watch for where Rt 2 splits 
off to the left.  Turn left, then immediately right, to stay on Rt 2.  Go 
past the hospital, then turn left on Lore Rd.  The Comfort Inn is at the end 
of Lore Rd, 500 feet from the turn.  (If you miss the split onto Rt 2, stay 
on Rt 4 and take the exit onto “Solomons Island Rd”.  Follow the ramp under 
the bridge, turn left at the “T” to avoid going to the boat ramp, and you 
will come to a stop sign.  Turn left onto Solomons Island Rd, then an 
immediate right onto Lord Rd.)

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