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Sharon sharon at
Tue Feb 19 14:26:58 PST 2002

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, Edvard Gayer wrote:

> As I mentioned before, I think that a complete schedule should have gone out
> to instructors well before it was finalized in print.  If that had happened,
> the problem with me (and someone else too, I think) getting stuck with two
> classes in a row in different rooms (very bad) would have been avoidable.

  	A schedule *did* go out well (1 wk, which was the best I could do
with procrastinating instructors) before it was finalized. Katherine had the
 horrible lot she did because the change she requested, switching class
 times with Judith, would have been contrary to Judith's specific request,
putting her opposite a class she wanted to take. Many instructors had
requests for times and they got them. It was a simple case of not being
able to please everyone. We can continue to try to accomodate as many
people as we logistically can, but realize that everyone will not always
get everything they want as sometimes this requires inconveniencing

	The best way to avoid a case like this in the future is for the
instructors to submit their classes WELL IN ADVANCE. This allows more
time for instructors to review the schedule and more time for logistical

	Thank you. This has been Constanza's official Nag of the Day

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