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Sun Feb 17 08:39:52 PST 2002

Oh my ...dead dog party what?//now we are truely on
the convention cirsuit!
if I might put my 2 sheckles in. congratulations to all , Vard
especially...on a wonderful event where most of what I
saw were smiles and most of what I heard was
laughter...When was the last time you went to an event
that was that out and out HAPPY! THat alons was worth
the trip.
I thought the decorations were gorgeous.both in the
middleastern and european sectores..and I was happy to
see the cross attendance that went on...what ever
encouraged that....VIVAT!
I was also delighted to see the lovey room sizes that
both groups got . the classes were exactly what they
said they would be in the programm and the time glitch
went smoothly ( not our fault...the SCA suffers from
folks double booking our spaces more than I can
count)..a marvel because many times a teacher has to
pinch hit  because another teacher has been unable to
arrive for some horrible
breakdown..bubonic plauge...
One thing thing that I take full responsiblity for..
being that the Lovely Isdihara took over and ran the
major portion of this for me owing to family problems
that made it im possible for me to fulfill my original
duties when the European sector admitted to concernes
over cross talk disrupting their classes, 
we probalby pulled too far back trying to avoid this
problem and in doing so caused another problem..we had
3 lectures in a row...which BTW were hard to hear guessed it, the exuberent dancing
clapping and callling out on the other side of the
wall..carried quite clearly and I didnt have the sense
to let anybody know! I know if I had t,he problem
could have been fixed..but by the time I did....the
lectures were almost over.NExt year if both sides have
a cross talk issue...pehaps we could shedule a lecture
room besides..and have it shared by the middle eastern
and europen factions...thuse having a "quiet " space
with places to sit and take notes and then  "loud"
rooms so people can dance and play music as they feel
inspired withouth worring too much about their
Of course it might take some geographic
tinkering..(location location location) but I think
the reliefe to all would be worth  while.
 Edvard Gayer <scavard at> wrote:
> Katherine suggested earlier this week that we do a
> "Post-Mortem" on the 
> Dance Symposium.  The idea is to identify those
> things that worked well, 
> those that didn't, and those that failed miserably. 
> By knowing what didn't 
> work, we can improve upon them for the next
> Symposium.  We do this _now_ 
> while the event is still fresh in our memory.
> This exercize is intended to be like a
> brain-storming session... just fire 
> off what comes to mind: Good, Bad, or Ugly.  :)  One
> ground rule, though, 
> this is intended to be non-attributional.  Meaning,
> this is about what 
> happened, _not_ who caused it to happen.  Nobody
> take anything personally.  
> ;)
> Note: I am sending this to three different lists: 
> Dun Carraig, the 
> Academie, and the ADS3 Staff list.  Some of you are
> on multiple lists, few 
> are on all three.  I will collect and forward
> comments to the other two 
> lists so everybody can read and comment upon
> whatever comments come rolling 
> in.  Thanks!
> -V
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