ads3: Symposium Post-Mortem

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Feb 15 12:36:23 PST 2002

Katherine suggested earlier this week that we do a "Post-Mortem" on the 
Dance Symposium.  The idea is to identify those things that worked well, 
those that didn't, and those that failed miserably.  By knowing what didn't 
work, we can improve upon them for the next Symposium.  We do this _now_ 
while the event is still fresh in our memory.

This exercize is intended to be like a brain-storming session... just fire 
off what comes to mind: Good, Bad, or Ugly.  :)  One ground rule, though, 
this is intended to be non-attributional.  Meaning, this is about what 
happened, _not_ who caused it to happen.  Nobody take anything personally.  

Note: I am sending this to three different lists:  Dun Carraig, the 
Academie, and the ADS3 Staff list.  Some of you are on multiple lists, few 
are on all three.  I will collect and forward comments to the other two 
lists so everybody can read and comment upon whatever comments come rolling 
in.  Thanks!


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