ads3: ADS3 Photos

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Feb 15 12:30:25 PST 2002

For those who cannot access the Dun Carraig Photo page at YahooGroups, I 
have uploaded a half-dozen photos to space the Lord Boroghul has provided on 
his server -- temporarily.  :)

The photos are all quite blurry, because I had to avoid using my camera's 
flash.  It automatically compensated by increasing the time the shutter was 
open, resulting in blur.

Dun Carraigers: If you do not have, or have forgotten, your YahooGroups 
password, the only way I know how to recover it is to create a new account 
and have Jonathas approve you for entry to the Dun Carraig group.  This will 
result in you having two accounts if you don't first close out your previous 


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