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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Feb 6 14:54:18 PST 2002


We had a late cancellation from one of our instructors who will be unable to 
attend the Symposium.  Since it is too late in the game to get another class 
to fill that time slot, and since it would be a shame to just cancel the 
class outright, we're going to go ahead and offer it as scheduled but with a 
different instructor.

The class is 102 - Underperformed ECD (Rowen)

The best-qualified folks to teach this would be myself (I taught it at the 
last Symposium and reprised it at Octoberversity), Master Gregory, or Lord 
Bryan (who took a similar class at KWDS 2K1).  Alas, Bryan already has 2 
hours of instruction on his plate, and due to a family emergency, Gregory 
may or may not be in attendance.

That leaves me.  :)

I'm in the process of tagging someone from Dun Carraig to wear the 
"Autocrat" hat during the first hour of classes so that I can slip into 
instructor mode and cover this class.  It would be easier if it weren't 
first hour, since that's when most of the unexpected stuff is likely to 
happen... that's the volunteer needs to be one of a small handful of 
Baronial folks to cover for me -- someone with the authority to speak for 
Dun Carraig, like one of the Baronage or a Greater Officer.  I should know 
who that will be in about 2 hours.  (Meeting tonight).

Anyway, here's the fall-out of all of this.  The class will, in essence, be 
VERY MUCH THE SAME as what I taught the last two times I taught it.  I 
haven't time to prepare much new material, so we're looking at =Old Mole= 
for starters, plus perhaps =All in a Garden Green=, time permitting.  If you 
took my class at Octoberversity (Crannog Mor, Bowie NC), there won't be 
anything new for you here.  I'd encourage you to attend instead one of the 
other two classes:

101 - 15th Century Italians for Smart, Sophisticated Beginners (Judith)
103 - Moroccan 6/8 (Veda)

Hey, stuff happens.  We adapt.  :)


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