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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jan 23 12:49:20 PST 2002

PS - This email was copied nearly verbatim from one I posted to the Baronial 
list.  The "us" I'm referring to is meant to imply "us SCAdians" in general. 
  NOT the "us folks working ADS3".

I believe that this article may be because of our upcoming Symposium, but 
it's likely to be used more for PR for Dun Carraig (since the paper is a 
local county one).


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Subject: ads3:  Reporting on ADS3
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I have just been contacted by a reporter from a local paper who is looking
to do an article on us for his paper.  He wants to come to tonight's figher
practice in Dun Carraig to interview me, and I'm confident he'll also want
to talk to anyone else who's there.

I've put out word to the Barony, so that they'll know.  If anyone else on
staff would be interested in coming to talk to this guy, I'm certain he'd
like to talk to you.

The Baronial fight practice is held in the same location as where the
Symposium will occur -- the Southern Community Center in Lusby.  I'll
cut/paste directions from our event flyer below so you can find it.
Practice runs 7:30 - 9, and I expect he'll be there right at 7:30.

My # at work is 301-757-6173 in case anyone need to talk to me.  :)



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