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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Jan 22 13:49:51 PST 2002

I've been asked off-line whether our instructors and staff members will be 
expected to pay a site fee or if they'll be comped.  I would like to be able 
to comp everyone, but at this point I don't think that's going to be 

Except for the band(s), everybody else is going to be asked to pay a site 
fee.  This goes for me as well.  Fortunately, it's only $5, so I hope this 
won't put a cramp in anyone's style.  If this presents a hardship, please 
contact me off-line and we'll see what can be done.

We're less than 3 weeks away, and though all of the Really Big Problems have 
been solved, there's ALWAYS gonna be a Top Five Worries list.  :)  Here's a 
run-down of some of my thoughts as we get closer to the event:

>Autocrat (me):  Need to finish the site tokens and event booklet.  Need to 
>re-comfirm kitchen access for the Chirurgeon, get SCA signage for the roads 
>in the immediate event area, and prepare on-site signage directing folks to 
>the appropriate rooms for their classes.  Try not to get in others' way as 
>they do their jobs.

>Troll (Amalia):  Does the Barony have a money box?  Do you need me to be 
>involved in getting you seed cash or is that more properly under the 
>purview of the Exchequer?

>Class Coordinator (Constanza):  Need to get the class listings finalized, 
>including descriptions thereof, and need to get everything "slotted" so the 
>schedule can be published in the site booklet.  Can you pass to the 
>instructors the site-fee information listed above, pls?

>ME Coordinator (Izdihara):  Need to stay on top of our last-minute class 
>requests, and work with the Decoration Coordinator to get the Hafla set up 
>properly.  Can you pass to the instructors the site-fee information listed 
>above, pls?

>Dance Master (Gregory):  Need to confirm music/repeats with the Band 
>Coordinator for the selected dances for the Ball.  Do you need anything 
>from me (prizes, etc) for the Ball at all?

>Band Coordinator (Anne):  Have you heard anything from Bakhail, I've not.  
>Is the band coming only for the Ball, or will some/all of them be there 
>throughout the afternoon as well?  The site does not have music stands, do 
>you have your own or do I need to find some locally?

>Chirurgeon (Reinhardt):  I'm reconfirming access to the kitchen for 
>water/ice access.  Do you need me to arrange for the coolers to arrive 
>on-site, or do you have that already figured out?

>Refreshment Coordinator (Katerina):  I hope folks have begun to offer you 
>food stuffs for the Ball and Hafla.  I'm bringing fudge (not period, but 
>tasty!).  In addition to food, we want to have hot water and 
>tea/coffee/cocoa... do we have an urn to "cook" the water in?  Plus, we 
>also need napkins, cups (hot & cold), and plates.  Does the Baronial larder 
>have any of the above, and do you need me to provide anything we don't 
>already have?

>Decoration Coordinator (Dawn): Haven't heard yet about storing our 
>decorations in Lusby.  When I hear, you'll hear.  Besides storage, need to 
>arrange for transport to/from the site, and need an idea what kind of 
>attachment stuff (tape, glue, thumbtacks) we might need.  Also, work with 
>the ME Coordinator on the decoration specifics for the Hafla room.

>Webslinger (Bryan):  Thanks for your hard work, we're nearly done with you. 

Can you tell, I'm new at this?  :)

Here's everybody's contact info..... please feel free to chat amongst 
yourselves about what a micro-manager Vard has become recently.  :)


Autocrat (Vard) scavard at, 301-737-0437
Troll (Amalia) heather at, 301-705-5267
Class Coord (Constanza) sharon at, 703-551-2174
M-E Coord (Izdihara) isdihara at, 703-226-8423
Dance Master (Gregory) lindahl at, unknown
Band Coord (Anne) acarthew at, 703-437-6271
Chirurgeon (Reinhardt) scakiwi at, unknown
Refreshments (Katerina) lady.arwen at, unknown
Decorations (Dawn) tazzie at, 301-884-3499
Webslinger (Bryan) dmo at, 434-979-3792

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