ads3: Houston, we have a Hafla!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Jan 14 10:23:45 PST 2002

Hello ADS3 Staff, Dun Carraig, and fellow Academiens:

It's been confirmed, there WILL be a Hafla in conjunction with the Dance 
Symposium on February 9th.  The Hafla will be held at the same site as the 
afternoon classes and the evening ball -- the Southern Community Center in 
Lusby, MD.

The room that has been reserved for the Hafla will be available at 6 pm.  We 
will need some time to configure the room, but the Hafla itself should be 
able to commence sometime between 6:30 and 7:00.  We will need to start 
winding it down at 10, and shut it down completely no later than 10:30 (our 
site shut-down time).  We must have *all* cleanup completed and have 
everybody (staff included) out the door by 11pm.

I will be making an announcement on the Merry Rose in the next day or so, 
updating the event flyer *and* plugging the Hafla.  Our classes appear to be 
nearly full, and I hope they will be up on the website shortly.

There are still rooms available at the hotel, but they all go away in a 
little over a week.  If you or anyone you know is planning to come and stay 
there but have not booked a room, you may want to do so very soon.  Hotel 
info is on the website, and in the =Acorn=.  Contact me directly if you 
still can't find it.  :)


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