ads3: Dance Symposium: Good News!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Jan 10 11:09:26 PST 2002


ALL of the items which had previously been identified as "BIG PROBLEMS" 
appear to have been solved!

1 - The wonderful folks at the Community Center *will* allow us to collect 
money on site, provided that we do it via the "suggested donation" route.

2 - Yes, Virginia (and Maryland and DC and ...) there *will* be a Hafla!  
Arrangements are being made as we speak to have a Hafla that evening, ON 
SITE, in the larger of the two meeting-type rooms at the facility.  More 
details to follow once I've confirmed that the room has been booked, and 
we'll owe a friend of the Barony a special "thank you" for helping us pull 
this off!.  :)

I also have answers to almost all of the other site-related questions that 
were posed:

Merchants?  Sorry, but the Center really discourages this.  Maybe if there's 
a next time, after we've done this here once, but not *this* time.  Besides, 
I don't think we'll have the space.

Registration Table?  Yes, we can set a table up in the small west lobby by 
the flag pole.

Decorations?  Sure.  Pretty much no restrictions as to how to attach them, 
other than they'd be unhappy with us if we permanently screwed up their 
walls.  :)

A/V Equipment?  The site has none.  Instructors should bring Boom Boxes for 
their classes.  The bands for the Ball and Hafla should be able to be heard 
in their respective spaces with little difficulty.

Food Policy?  Bring anything you want, just no alcohol, and please don't eat 
anything in the halls.

Water?  We will have access to the kitchen so we can fill our 5-gallon jugs. 
  We cannot use the kitchen for food prep or storage, it belongs to a 
private group not directly affiliated with the Community Center, but we 
*can* get water there.

Insurance?  They don't need our proof of self-insurance.

Cleanup?  We will clean up after ourselves.  The dances end at 10, and we 
want to have our guests all off-site by 10:30.  We have until 11:30 to clean 
up.  If we get done by 11 (should be easy), we save $$$, since we don't have 
to pay for a second additional hour for the site.

Changing Rooms?  Looks like the restrooms will have to do.  The other 
meeting rooms are booked in the morning, though if the BINGO players don't 
show up, we can use that space.  Bottom line, plan to use the restrooms to 
change in.  (Sorry, best we can do)

"I'm a happy boy, I'm a happy boy,
Ain't it good when things are going your way?  Hey Hey!"


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