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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jan 9 12:15:54 PST 2002


I have an appointment to meet with Diane, the Recreation Coordinator for the 
Southern Community Center, site of the Dance Symposium in February.  I'll be 
going over a number of questions that have been raised recently regarding 
how we can (and cannot) use their site.

Here's a brief list of the things we'll be discussing, are there any *other* 
topics that I need to bring up when we meet?

1 - Merchants.  Can we have merchanting at this event.  (I think the answer 
is *no*, based on their *cash changing hands* rules, but I should at least 
confirm this before I turn our merchant friends away)

2 - Site Fees/Donations.  What *exactly* are the restrictions regarding 
charging for use of the site, and can we take money from folks who have 
either (a) pre-registered but not pre-paid, or (b) who decided at the last 
minute to come to the event.  Also, what is the center's policy regarding 

3 - Registration Table.  Confirming that we can put Troll in the small lobby 
inside the west door.

4 - Decorations.  What restrictions (if any) are there regarding the type of 
decorations we can use, and how they can by affixed to the walls/ceiling.

5 - Meeting Rooms.  Confirming that we can still grab either (or both) of 
the meeting rooms if they're otherwise unused on the day of the event.  
(Rooms to be tentatively used for schmoozing/storage during the day, and a 
Hafla during the evening.)

If there's anything else, please let me know very very soon.  I've learned 
that it's best to ask Diane *everything* at one time, rather than bug her 
repeatedly over a drawn-out period.  :)

-Vard, ADS3 Autocrat

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