ads3: Symposium Update

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Jan 7 10:36:25 PST 2002

>> The community center does not permit groups to charge 
>> admission for their activities, though we may collect
>> money in advance ...
>> We are still working the details as to how to handle 
>> walk-ups, and it may take one of several forms, including
>> the possibility of having an off-site Troll station.  
>> If you have a suggestion, by all means, please suggest!

Does the community center permit the collection of non-mandatory donations
onsite?  Some places make a big distinction between charging a required
"admission" and asking for donations.  We've gotten around similar rules just
that way, but it does mean that if someone doesn't preregister and doesn't want
to give money at the door, you need to be prepared to let them in anyway.
Rarely a problem with most SCA folks, though, who are generally pretty honest.

Just a thought.


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