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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sat Dec 1 15:17:13 PST 2001

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Here's a quick update regarding 
our Symposium in February, and a question for each of you regarding what 
info we can publish to our website.

As indicated earlier, the site and hotel contracts are in-hand, the flyer 
has been submitted to the Kingdom Chronicler, and our website is up 
(  I will be writing the Royals 
shortly to invite Them to come, though we are scheduled for the same weekend 
as the Tourney of Ymir, so I expect we'll get a polite "Thanks, but..." from 

Constanza has begun to get some class offerings, but I'm not really 
expecting a whole lot of bookings until after Christmas.  Early committments 
are great, but I'll not start to lose any sleep until at least Twelfth 
Night.  :)

We have a new staff member.... Dawn of Dun Carraig has graciously 
volunteered to help handle decoration of the site for our Ball.  I realize 
that not many of you have actually seen the site... it's very nice and very 
functional, but it's also quite "vanilla" and will benefit from some 
sprucing up before the evening's Ball.  Fortunately, Dun Carraig is hosting 
Kingdom Twelfth Night a month before our event, so we'll have available to 
us all the decorations we can grab.  :)

I *think* I mentioned this earlier, but in case I didn't, the University of 
Atlantia has okayed our plan to offer University credit to students who take 
classes at our Symposium.  AFAIK, this is a first for Atlantia.

Since we're having a track of Middle Eastern classes, I thought it would be 
nice to offer our ME friends an opportunity to have a Hafla while the others 
are at the Ball.  I'm currently looking for a location to host it, and will 
let y'all know what I come up with.  We can't count on there being space at 
the Community Center, because the rooms we would use for it can't be 
committed until the day we arrive, so I need to find an off-site facility.  
Fortunately, there are two schools adjacent to the Community Center, and I 
will also be checking with the Hotel to see if they have any 
meeting/conference facilities that we might use.  Right now, the problem has 
not been solved, so we can't yet announce that a Hafla *will* happen.  As 
things change, you'll be the first to know.

Last item.  I've asked Bryan to add some info to the website, including a 
listing of all of our staff members.  Except for myself, Amalia 
(Reservations) and Constanza (Classes), NOBODY else's phone # or email 
address will be published unless I get your permission.  Below is the list I 
provided Bryan... **PLEASE LET ME KNOW** if your information is in error, 
and whether we may publish your phone/email info.

Lord Edvard Gayer / Ken Buzzard
scavard at   301-737-0437 (nlt 11pm)

Lady Amalia Künne / Heather Kriebel
heather at   301-705-5267

Class Coordinator:
Lady Constanza de Tallavera / Sharon Buczko
sharon at   703-551-2174

Middle Eastern Class Coordinator:
Khalilla (aka Lady Maria Beatriz la Mor) / Babmi Smith

Deputy ME Class Coordinator:
Izdihara al Hakima bint Durr / Karen Beary

Dance Master (Ball):
Master Gregory Blount / Greg Lindahl

Band Coordinator:
Mistress Anne of Carthew / Barbara Bilodeau

Event Chirurgeon:
Reinhardt von Glückstadt / Christopher Parks

Lady Katerina von Breslau / Beth Smith

Dawn of Dun Carraig / Dawn Ellin

Lord Bryan Morgan / David Oxford

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