ads3: Staff and Site Update

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Nov 19 13:38:26 PST 2001

Good afternoon, everybody!

Staff Update
We have added another member to the ADS3 event staff!  Iz'dihara al Hakima 
bint Durr (Karen Beary) has agreed to help Khalilla (Bambi Smith) as her 
Deputy for our Middle Eastern track of classes.  Our staff now looks like 

- Autocrat: Still me, Edvard Gayer (Ken Buzzard) scavard at
- Troll/Reservations: Amalia Kunne (Heather Kriebel) heather at
- Class Coordinator: Constanza de Tallavera (Sharon Buczko) 
sharon at
- Middle Eastern Class Coordinator: Khalilla / Lady Maria Beatriz la Mora 
(Bambi Smith) walladah at
- Deputy ME CLass Coordinator: Iz'dihara al Hakima bint Durr (Karen Beary) 
Karen_Beary at
- Refreshments: Katerina von Breslau (Beth Smith) tklitty at
- Band Coordinator: Anne of Carthew (Barbara Bilodeau) acarthew at
- Chirurgeon: Reinhardt von Gluckstadt (Chris Parks) scakiwi at
- Dance Master (Ball): Gregory Blount (Greg Lindahl) lindahl at
- Webslinger: Bryan Morgan (David Oxford) dmo at

Site Update
For the benefit of those who are planning the various aspects of the day's 
activities, here's a quick run-down of the specifics of the site.  We will 
be in the Southern Community Center, which is open to the public.  Our event 
will occupy the majority of the facility, but there are still two rooms 
which may be used by other organizations throughout the day for other 
scheduled activity.  There is a Seniors BINGO game held every Saturday 
afternoon in one of the rooms, so they have a standing reservation, though 
there is some question as to whether they will come out in early February.

If either of the two small meeting rooms are NOT taken by the time we arrive 
Saturday morning, the Community Center has promised that we can use them.  
For planning purposes, however, we can only count on the three large dance 

The dance rooms themselves are adjacent to one another, separated by 
motorized fold-away room dividers.  The dimensions of the rooms are quite 

Room 1: 37' wide x 31' long.  (1147 sq ft)
Room 2: 37' wide x 26' long.  (962 sq ft)
Room 3: 30' wide x 34' long.  (1020 sq ft)

Set into the wall of Room 1 is a performance stage, 26' wide x 15' deep, 
which is in addition to the dimensions provided above.  We will be using all 
3 rooms for our 3 dance tracks during the day, and will combine rooms 1&2 
for the Grand Ball that evening.  (37' wide x 57' long, plus stage... hubba 

Unlike the wonderful sprung wood floors of the site we used for the last ADS 
in Isenfir, these floors are tile/linoleum over poured concrete.... the type 
of floors consistent with school classrooms.  Nothing to crow over, but 
slightly better than the bare concrete we've danced on at other events 
(including Pennsic).

The dividers between the rooms are fairly thin sound-wise, and I am 
concerned about bleedover of music from one classroom to another.  Since 
this is the same site Dun Carraig uses for it's weekly fighter practices and 
monthly business meetings, I'll have plenty of opportunity to visit there 
and see what can be done.  It may not be a problem, but it *is* something to 
keep in mind while scheduling our classes.

If we get one of the two meeting rooms, my initial plans are to set it aside 
as a general "schmoozing" area -- a place for folks to hang out if not 
actively taking a class.  If we get BOTH rooms (hope hope hope), we can use 
the other room for a mini lecture track.  I've asked members of the Dance 
Academie to have a lecture or two saved in their hip pocket, just in case we 
get the opportunity.  You may also want to pass word around to folks you 
know outside of the Academie, and give Constanza a heads' up so we don't end 
up with too many lectures to effectively schedule.

Hotel Update
We've got the contract now in hand for our hotel.  We have a block of rooms 
reserved at the Beacon Harbor Comfort Inn for $66!  This is a BARGAIN, since 
rooms there are normally around $85 off-season, and over $100 in-season.  
Our initial block is for 15 rooms, but more can be added if necessary.  The 
property only has 60 rooms, so we've already got 1/4 of the facility.  I'm 
encouraging folks to book early if they know they're going to need a room... 
that way, we'll be better-able to get more rooms from the hotel.  I'm 
checking to see if they have any conference facilities there, to try to 
offer a place for a Hafla or a post-revel.  More info later as things 

Website Update
The event website ( is now up and 
running.  It's still pretty early, so the only info there right now is a 
copy of our event flyer, but as things develop the site will be updated 

Other News
In case you haven't yet heard, the Dance Symposium has already scored a 
major "first".  The University of Atlantia will be extending University 
credit for all classes taken at the Symposium!  To my knowledge, this is the 
first time the U of A has done this, and I'm glad that it happened on our 
watch!  :)  Just one more reason to expect a decent turnout for the 

Okay, that's all from me.  Thanks for listening, and have a Happy Turkey 

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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