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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Nov 12 14:38:55 PST 2001

As Dr. Nick would say, "Good Afternoon, Everybody!"

Thanks to Master Gregory, we have kicked-off a new mailing list for the 
Atlantian Dance Symposium III Staff.  The address for postings to this list 
is ads3 at  I expect traffic to be fairly low-volume, but I wanted 
there to be a single condiut for information, just so everybody is on the 
same page as things begin to play out.

I want to start this off by thanking everyone who has volunteered to help us 
coordinate this upcoming event, and to provide y'all a listing of the other 
staff members so you'll know who to go to (or who to send people to) when 
things come up.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Here's the run-down of our crew, as it stands today:

- Autocrat: Edvard Gayer (Ken Buzzard), scavard at, 301-737-0437
- Reservations/Troll: Amalia Künne (Heather Kriebel), heather at, 
- Crash Space Coordinator: TBD
- Class Coordinator: Constanza de Tallavera (Sharon Buczko), 
sharon at, 703-551-2174
- Assistant Class Coordinator, Middle Eastern Track: Maria Beatriz la Mora 
(Bambi Smith), walladah at
- Band Coordinator: Anne of Carthew (Barbara Bilodeau), acarthew at, 
- Dance Master: Gregory Blount (Greg Lindahl), lindahl at
- Chirurgeon: Reinhardt von Glückstadt (Chris Parks), scakiwi at
- Refreshments: Katerina von Breslau (Beth Smith), tlkitty at, 
- Webslinger: Brian Morgun (David Oxford), dmo at

[Please check the info above and let me know of any corrections or additions 

We will be adding a Crash Space Coordinator sometime in the next month -- a 
Dun Carraiger who will pair up empty beds with folks who would prefer to 
avoid staying in a hotel.  We may also tap someone to be in charge of 
decorations for the site.

The event flyer information is nearly finalized... I received the signed 
contract for the site on Wednesday, and will be faxed the contract for our 
hotel tomorrow.  (We got a phenominal rate for the hotel!)  Once the ink 
dries on the last contract, I'll complete the event flyer and fire it off to 
Gwen for the January =Acorn=.  I will cut/paste a text-only copy of the 
flyer as it stands now.

Our website is up, thanks to Lord Bryan.  Hopefully, I'll get him some 
detailed info so we can replace our holding page soon.  <grin>  The URL is

Our site is the Southern Community Center in Lusby, MD.  It's part of the 
Calvert County Parks & Recs department, and is a public facility.  They have 
three VERY large dance/recital rooms, two meeting rooms, and an assortment 
of individual offices, and shares their parking lot with the local library.

It is important to note that while we have nearly all of the site, we do NOT 
have the entire site.  We have the three VERY large dance/recital rooms, but 
we have neither of the meeting rooms.  One of the meeting rooms is used for 
a regularly-scheduled Saturday afternoon BINGO session by the local Seniors, 
and has been reserved for their use.  If the Seniors cancel or are a 
no-show, we can use it.  The other meeting room is currently unreserved.  If 
the P&R department do not get a request for the other room by the day of our 
event, we can have it too.

The three dance rooms are adjacent to one another, with fold-away room 
dividers splitting them up.  We will be using all three rooms during the day 
for our three tracks of classes, and will use two of the three for our Ball 
that evening.  If we need the third room for the Ball, we can get it, but it 
will increase our site cost by 50%.

The largest of the three rooms includes a seperate stage area, which will be 
used by our Band during the ball.  I have attended dances there in the past 
and while the acoustics aren't phenominal, they certainly aren't that bad.

Here's a breakdown of the schedule we're currently planning to:

10am - Site opens to staff (set up, decorating, etc)
11am - Site opens to public
12noon - Classes begin  (three, 5 hour tracks)
5pm - Classes end
--Dinner Break--
7pm - Ball begins
10:30pm - Ball ends
11pm - Site closes (cleanup begins)
11:30pm - Staff off-site

There *may* be a Baronial court, so things may juggle a bit.  There is NO 
on-site feast planned, but there are plenty of nearby places to eat
within a 10 minute radius.

The three biggest tasks right now as I see them are:
1 - Lining up our classes.  Constanza and Bambi are working on that.  We 
will also touch base with some OOK folks who have expressed interest in 
coming to teach.
2 - Ironing out the details for the Grand Ball.  Gregory is in charge of the 
dancing, and Anne has the musicians.  They'll work on a set list, order of 
dance, and the competitions.
3 - Publicity.  Our event is opposite Ymir, and though we will draw from a 
different audience, we will nonetheless need to make sure we don't get 
ignored in the Kingdom's rush to it's first big fighting event of the new 
year.  Also, since the site prohibits us from taking money, we need to 
*really* push folks to pre-register.  Word of mouth is good, force-feeding 
info to our local Chroniclers is better still.  If anyone needs/wants a 
softcopy of the event flyer, let me know, or check the website where I'm 
certain we'll post one for downloading.  :)

Here's the event flyer.  Thank you all, and welcome aboard!

-----event flyer follows-----

February 9th - Atlantian Dance Symposium III
Barony of Dun Carraig, Lusby, MD

Come join the Barony of Dun Carraig and the Atlantian Dance Academie as we 
host the Third Atlantian Dance Symposium, to be held on February 9th in 
Lusby, MD.  This Symposium will feature more instruction than ever before 
offered - a planned 15 hours!  There will be something for every level of 
dancer, from the very beginner to the very experienced.  And when the 
classes end, the day will culminate with a Grand Ball!

Two complete tracks of instruction in Western dances from England, France 
and Italy will be offered, including material never before taught in 
Atlantia.  And if that's not enough, this winter's Symposium will also 
feature a track of Middle Eastern dance!  Following that, what better way to 
cap-off a day of learning new dances than by having a chance to strut your 
stuff?  In a continuance of Atlantia's newest tradition, the Dance Academie 
and Ponte Alto's Harp and Drum Corp are pleased to announce that a Grand 
Ball will be held in the evening until the site closes.

Website:  For the most current information regarding the Symposium, 
including our list of classes, please visit the Symposium website at

Feast:  There is NO feast planned for this event.  There will be a 2 hour 
break between the last class and the Grand Ball, and there are several fine 
restaurants in the vicinity.  Maps and directions will be provided, or check 
the website for further information.

Hotel:  A block of rooms have been reserved at the Comfort Inn Beacon Marina 
in Solomons, MD.  The flat per-room rate is $66, including breakfast.  This 
is a GREAT rate for a nice hotel right on the water.  Call (410) 326-6303 
before 1/26 and ask for the “SCA” group rate.

Instructors/Musicians:  Gentles wishing to offer a class for instruction at 
the Symposium should contact the Class Coordinator, Lady Constanza de 
Tallavera (Sharon Buczko), (703) 551-2174 (NLT 10pm), 
sharon at  Musicians wishing to play during the Grand Ball 
should contact the Band Coordinator, Mistress Anne of Carthew (Barbara 
Bilodeau), (703) 427-6271 (NLT 10pm), acarthew at

Site Fee/Registration:  The site fee is $5.00 per person received by 2/2, 
$8.00 if received after 2/2 or at the door.  **Advance registration is 
STRONGLY encouraged, as site rules prohibit money from changing hands on 
site.**  Children 12 and under are half-price, those 5 and under are guests 
of the Barony.  Please make your check payable to "Barony of Dun 
Carraig/SCA, Inc."  Please list SCA and mundane names, and include 
electronic address if you wish to receive confirmation of registration.  
Send to: Lady Amalia Künne (Heather Kriebel), 1210 Addison Ct, Waldorf, MD  
20602.  (301) 705-5267 (NLT 10pm), heather at

Site:  The Symposium will be held in the Southern Community Center, 20 
Appeal Lane, Lusby, MD  20657.  Site opens at 11am and will close at 11pm.  
The site is BONE DRY.  No live steel, no pets, no smoking permitted.

Autocrat:  Lord Edvard Gayer (Ken Buzzard), 21635 Weatherby Lane, Lexington 
Park, MD  20653, (301) 737-0437 (NLT 11pm), scavard at


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