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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Dec 10 13:21:13 PST 2001

> Bryan has worked 81 hours in the last week (and previous weeks were escalating
> up to it), and is still scrambling madly to get a project completed, all of
> which has nearly shut off most other activities at the moment.  A damned
> irritating intrusion of "Real Life" at an inconvenient time. :)  Rest assured, I
> will be back at it quite soon.

No problem, we all have lives.

> So with the inception of this little collaborative project, I presume I should
> scrap the new Academie website I've been developing?  With the heraldry and all?
> :)  Oh well, no biggy.

No, you shouldn't do anything of the sort. I only used your old
website as a start because that's all I had in my hands.

If your main changes are to a template applied to all of the pages,
then that's pretty easy to move into TWiki. If you changed the content
significantly, that's also not so hard to move over, although I need
to write a script to do what I've been doing by hand.

Either way, a spiffier looking site with heraldry is certainly A Good


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