academie: Ides of Winter Yule Ball 12/9/06

Lady Ro ladyro at
Wed Sep 20 05:02:39 PDT 2006

Now that Pennsic madness and prep has receded, I am putting forth the call
for 2 - 3 teachers for the Ides of Winter Yule Ball.  All dancing all the

The plan is to teach from 11 - 2 and dancing from 2:30 - 5 PM.  Site closes
at 6.  Cost for the day is $7 for members and $10 for Non-members.  This
will include a savoury fingerfood day board (under the leadership of Dame
Olwen the Odd), we will provide coffee, tea, water and sekunjabin.
Participants are requested to bring a fingerfood desert to share on the day

No separate activities are planned for Children, but they are cordially
invited to attend the dance classes and then dance along with the adults
afterwards.  Teachers are hereby empowered to dismiss disruptives if
necessary (adults as well as kids!).

There are three requests for dance - I would like the first dance to be a
Pavanne in honour of our Baron and Baroness who are BIG promoters of dance
in the barony.  I understand there is a dance where the dancers come to the
honorees, bow and recede.  I'd like that to be the first dance - can someone
teach it?  And tell me what it is called?

Her Excellency Cordelia's favorite dance is the Earl of Salisbury's Pavanne
and his Excellency Barre's is Whirligig.  I'd like those two included -
other than that, teachers are invited to teach those dances they love most.
And then dance the afternoon away!

Unless someone offers in the next week to do so, I shall be asking Lord
Simon d'Estee of Mantua to be the Dance Master for the afternoon.  If
someone in the academy would like that job, please speak up!

I also could use some leads on sound machines (or even better - MUSICIANS)
for classes, unless the teachers would be willing to bring their own.  Also
where to get dance music CDs?

Thank you in advance!

Ro de Laci, who wants to learn to dance!

PS I can be contacted by phone also - 443-306-6983 - that's my cell #


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