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So, as I saw some confusion at Pennsic regarding Lybens, I thought I would  
post the reason as to why there is...
    When the Gresley Manuscript was first published, it was  done in great 
haste, and close attention was not paid to the repeat structure of  the music 
that went with the choreographies.  So the music to Lybens was  published with 
the B-part only repeating once.  From there, people  reconstructed it based on 
music with an incorrect repeat structure.  Then,  five or six years ago, some 
early musicians were studying a facsimile of the  original manuscript, and 
they noticed that there should have been a repeat on  the B-section.  As you can 
imagine, this severely changed the picture of  the choreography of the dance.  
So, now we have two versions of the dance  running around, one to the music 
with a correct repeat structure, the other  not.  Some people seem to refuse to 
want to alter their image of the dance  to reflect the new repeat structure 
of the music (i.e. they now dance the old  B-part choreography four times 
through because they now have twice as much  music), as I saw at Pennsic.
   Then there is also the debate about the "tert" and  "retret',and whether 
those are doubles, singles, pive, or what...
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