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For those of you going to Pennsic, there are many
dance classes available and many balls, including
dancing every night under the Dance Pavillion. 

This year they have an especially impressive variety
of dance classes, and as someone who has been to
Pennsic 8 out of the past 10 years I am hard to
impress. This is only a partial list as the full list
would be several pages long, but for more information
check out the Pennsic class schedule at
Special thanks to such chronic PEnnsic-Teaching
Academie members as Asim al-Talib, Judith of
Northumbria (I know you moved but we're still proud of
you) and Katherine Mercer.

Classes include:


Cute Cascarde I: La Castellana and Chiara Stella 
taught by Adele DesFontaines
Cute Cascarda II: Gentilezza d'Amore and Fiamma
d'Amore - Adele Desfontaines
Chestnut and Scotch Cap taught by Gwommy Anpurpaidh
Whirlygig and Variations - Jody Brytan
Focused Beginner Class - 16th Century Italian - Adele
15th Century North of Italy - Mara Kolarova
Maraviglia d'Amore - Gwommy Anpurpaidh
Bransles and Basse Dances from the Arena - Sion
Andreas o Wynedd
Focused Beginner Class - 15th Century Folk Dance -
Saltarello and Piva
Menages a Deux:La Fia Giamma - Judith of Northumbria

Focused Beginner Class - Galliards - Katherine Mercer
Ballo de Fiore for 2 and 3 - Lynette
Low, slow, and Flirtatious:Gioioso Spagnuolo - Judith
of Northumbria
ECD for 8 - Newcastle and Goddesses - Octavio de
Bizzarria d'Amore and Gracca Amorosa - Darius the
Bransles for All - Katherine Mercer

Middle Eastern:

Dancing through the Miniatures - Ardenia Aruadh
Middle Eastern Court Choreography - Saha um Yaazmeen
SCA Dancing - Take your Dancing to the Next Level -
Basic Middle Eastern Dance with Zills - Nina of Bright
Slow ATS basics - Blue Lotus Tribe
Fast ATS Basics - Blue Lotus Tribe
Male Raqs 101 - Asim al-Talib
Male ME Dance Forum - Asim al-Talib
Beyond Baladi - Carmine
Basics of Egyptian Stick Dance - Dinsdale of
ME music and Culture Roundtable - Asim al-Talib

Constanza de Talavera - Secretary, Academie
Atlantienne de la Danse

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