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> Said class will include the following, with music notation 
> for the rythym and music played for the excerpt by my rather 
> talented son (I mean it!) Ehren:
> Single (left, right, forward, back)
> Double (same as above)
> a "Pavane Set"
> Slip
> Turn Single
> Side Right/Left
> Arm Right/Left
> Cast Up/Down
> Hands Four/Circle
> perhaps a Right Shoulder Hey
> The thing is that I think I can use some more material in an 
> hour class, and what I have is admittedly biased by my having 
> more experience in ECD (there's a pretty dedicated group here 

I missed the beginning of this discussion, but I've taught something
similar.  The idea was to focus on the components of a dance, then use them
in a dance or two and work up through the various types of dances common to
the SCA.  Far too often it seems that dance is taught as "memorize this
particular dance".  If you don't practice it a lot, you have people needing
to relearn it each time.

So I started with bransles, showing simple bransle steps, the A-B structure
of bransles and talked about simple/complex/miming bransles.  Then did two
or three.

Then talked about pavanes, with some basic pavane steps and the idea of
stately movement in a pavane.  Then danced a couple pavanes.  Then on from
there ending in ECD.

I can't find the outline but hopefully you get the gist.  It sounds like
you've got a similar approach. 

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