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Mon May 8 17:31:57 PDT 2006

Greetings All!
I have a bid dilemma (as the subject line states).  Before I  volunteered to 
teach classes at the upcoming Juniversity, I asked my husband to  double check 
with his friends as to the date of their upcoming wedding which was  to be in 
June.  He did this and told me the wedding was the 2nd weekend in  June.  So 
I happily volunteered to teach an Underdone ECD" class and to be  the 
organizer for the "Teaching Dance" Roundtable.  Needless to say, we  just got our 
invite in the mail and the wedding is June 3rd.  It is in PA,  so I can't possibly 
do both.  My husband has been friends with both the  bride and groom 10 and 
20 years respectively.  I was really looking forward  to teaching this time at 
University, but I feel I should go (as we really only  have 1 good car...and 
if I take it he doesn't go).  So, is there anyone out  there willing to take 
over these classes? 
In Service,
Lady Rowen ferch Rhys
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