academie: Dance Track for June University

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Mar 28 12:31:47 PST 2006

Greetings all,

Listed below is the track of dance classes submitted to the University
of Atlantia for the June session in Isenfir.  If there are any errors,
let me know ASAP and I'll send a correction.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in June!



Dictionarie of Daunce - A Beginner's Dance Step Glossary (Watkyn of
Kent/Vern Wade): An introduction to the basic steps and rhythms used in
Renaissance dance.  This class is geared toward the absolute beginner
who would like to enjoy dancing but is afraid they have two left feet.

Renaissance Dancing for Children (Ruadhan mhic Dhoughaill/Beau Carr): A
love of dance for fun and as a social grace begins at an early age.
This class will teach children of all ages a few basic dances common in
the SCA, and a little bit of social grace as well.  Parents of younger
children are asked to stay and assist their children.  This class is
also part of the Pages track.

Beginner English Country Dances (Evelynne Merrymet/Rita Jane Leasure):
An easy, fun and lively introduction to English Country dancing
featuring simple yet entertaining dances. Complete beginners welcome.

Underdone English Country Dances (Rowen ferch Rhys/Amy Neumann): We will
be doing beginner to intermediate ECDs not commonly done in Atlantia.
No prior experience with ECD is necessary. We will do Scotch Cap as the
highlight dance.  Class limit of 20 people.

Leading Dance at Practice and Events (Rowen ferch Rhys/Amy Neumann, et
al.): This will be a roundtable-type discussion on teaching and leading
dance at local practices and events, with a focus on common issues and
problems, and how to overcome them.  A panel of experienced dance
masters will lead the discussion, and everyone is invited to share their
experiences and ideas.

16th Century Italian Dance - Fun, Flirty and Showy (Bryan Morgan/David
Oxford): The dances of late 16th C. Italy are some of the most fun and
showy dances done in the SCA, yet are surprisingly easy.  This class
will focus on the dance Contentezza d'Amore, a fun dance that's simple
to learn and impressive to watch.  Some previous dance experience is

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