academie: Proposal: Roundtable on Leading Dance

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Mar 22 10:50:20 PST 2006


I've gotten some feedback from folks about the idea of doing a class on
leading dance, and so I want to propose this...

How about we hold a roundtable discussion on leading dance at events and
practices?  There are several folks out there that have been successful
teachers or leaders of dance, and they've got different methods and
approaches, and I think we'd all benefit from their combined experience
and expertise.  I'm proposing this as an afternoon class; let me know if
you'd like to be part of the "panel".  Realistically, we just need a
couple of people to commit to making sure we're organized and have a
basic agenda.  Beyond that, it's a pretty open format, not really a
teachers/students setup.  But I want to make sure we've got a few folks
in case the "students" are less talkative than most. :)  And to make
sure we've got a goodly amount of combined knowledge there.

On a separate note, if you've offered to teach a dance-track class,
please send me the description of your proposed class, along with any
restrictions (class size, time, etc), so I can be compiling.



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