academie: University Classes

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Mar 10 08:05:26 PST 2006


Okay, I've heard from three separate people already about teaching dance
classes at University.  Outstanding!  I'd like to ask, though, that
folks send their proposals to this list so everyone can see where things
are at the moment and know what we've got and what we need. :)

So far, we've got...

Rowen- Underdone English Country Dances
Watkyn- Beginner's Dance Step Glossary
Stefan/Evelyn- Whatever the heck we want them to do (ECD of all levels,
15 c Italian, Branles, Inns of Court)
Bryan- Dancing for Children (morning), and something advanced --
probably 16th C. Italian (afternoon)

Splendiferous!  We're starting to have an honest to goodness TRACK! :)

Again, throw out your ideas for classes you might want to teach, or that
you'd like to see taught.  And speaking for myself at least, I'm not at
all proprietary about what I'm proposing to teach.  If someone else
wants to teach either or both, let me know and you're more than welcome.
I've taught lots at University, and would be delighted to give others a
swing at it.  I (and many folks here) are also happy to help anyone
who'd like to teach but thinks they might need a helping hand.


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