academie: Things Past and Future

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Mar 7 19:07:00 PST 2006

Greetings all!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Kingdom Arts &
Sciences Festival last Saturday, and especially thank those folks who
worked so hard to field entrants into the dance competition.  We had
three teams competing: Sudentorre, Playn Fore Quartres, and Isenfir.  It
was a really nice, fun competition, and I hope everyone had a good time.
Everyone danced very, very well, and it was impressive that we had
several dance competitors from Sudentorre and Isenfir for which this was
their first event!  What a start! :)  And then we had an open room for
dancing for the rest of the day.

Looking ahead, we have University coming up June 3rd, and it's time to
start prepping a dance track.  We got confirmation on Saturday that
Isenfir will be hosting it this time around, and it will be in
Charlottesville proper, if that helps with planning.  It'd be great if
we could get a few new teachers out there.  We've already got one
proposed class, something to the effect of a dance beginner's step
dictionary.  Personally I'm hoping to do two classes, one for kids and
one for something interesting and novel, as yet undecided.

Please, please, please consider teaching!  It's fun, easy, and if you
need help, we've got lots of folks who can help you!  And if you don't
want to teach but DO want to see something taught, feel free to throw
out suggestions.

And always remember... Dance is Fun! :)


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