academie: All Day Dancing at KASF

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Feb 23 14:22:21 PST 2006

>> Will people be teaching?  SOME of us have great desire to dance and
no idea
>> how to (not to mention a frequent need to sit and catch breath).

Absolutely!  Certainly for as long as I'm in the room, there'll be
someone to teach! :)  And I'm sure numerous other folks can teach as
well.  And as part of our recruiting effort, I'm hoping to have at least
several copies of my dance notes, so you can have something to take with
you.  That may or may not happen, as I need to do a lot of editing and I
need to get the Academie flyers done first, but at a minimum I'll try to
have a convenient short handout of some good beginner dances.


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