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Just to clarify here a bit. The dance portion of the
Performing Arts competition, both Middle Eastern and
Renaissance, will be held together in this room the
morning (and possible early afternoon depending on
when court is held) of KASF. Once the competition is
completed, the room will be available for dancing
throughout the day. Just a quick note, this room is
carpeted. There will be chairs placed against the
walls for people to watch. There will be two judges
for the dance competition, Lady Katherine Mercer and
Lord Asim. Criteria to be used in the competition will
include Authenticity, Documentation, Audience Appeal,
Technique, Complexity, and Creativity. 

Anne la Settere

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> Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:38:15 -0500
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> Subject: [MR] More Fun at Kingdom Arts & Sciences
> Festival
> Greetings all!
> I've just found out that the wonderful staff of the
> Kingdom Arts &
> Sciences Festival is providing a dedicated room for
> dancing all day!
> We'll have music available and dancing going on
> throughout the day.
> This same room will also host the dance
> competitions, which I encourage
> folks to come see as well!
> Remember, dance is FUN! :)  Drop in on the dance
> room at KASF and enjoy
> that wonderful period social activity.  Don't know
> how to dance?  We'll
> be DELIGHTED to teach you!!!  It's really easy, and
> SO MUCH FUN!!!  I'm
> not biased.  Nope.  Not at all.
> Looking forward to seeing y'all in Sudentorre on
> March 4th!  C'mon out!
> Bryan
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