academie: All Day Dancing at KASF

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Feb 23 09:13:19 PST 2006

Greetings all!

I just got off the phone with the co-autocrat of the Kingdom Arts &
Sciences Festival (March 4th in Spotsylvania, VA), and she was informing
me that they've gotten an extra room, 30 x 40, to be used exclusively
for dancing all day long!!!  It'll be where the dance competitions take
place as well, and otherwise will be open and available for our dancing
pleasure for the duration of the event!

Sooooooo... let's try to get as big a showing as we can there!  We'll
have a table of recruiting materials nearby, and signs throughout the
building guiding folks to the dance room, as well as information in the
event flyer.  This is a great chance to showcase dance in a very
artsy-friendly environment!  C'mon out!  I'll have all my music.  Feel
free to bring yours, and we'll hit up the local musicians as well!

And it's not too late to put together a few folks for the dance
competition.  No need to preregister for the competition; just show up!
There's no fabulous prize or great fame for winning; it's just about the
fun of getting together with other dance-types and doing what we love as
well as we can.  Remember... Dance = Fun :)  So far, I know Isenfir is
participating, Sudentorre is putting together a group, and I hear rumors
of one other mysterious group possibly.  Let's have even more, even if
it's just a single couple doing one dance.

See y'all there!


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