academie: Event Brewing in Bright Hills -- Anyone Able to Help?

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Feb 22 09:24:49 PST 2006

Greetings all!

As you can see from the message below, Lady Roana is looking for dance
teacher assistance for a proposed event in Bright Hills in December.  I
know that's a long way out, but if there are folks who could potentially
be interested in helping out with this, please let her know ASAP.  Even
if you're not sure, a note expressing possible interest in helping would
be appreciated, I'm sure, as would any note of encouragement for simply
holding the event.  There are never enough dance-oriented events, so
let's get behind anyone wanting to hold one and really help push! :)



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Thank you for your response!  I regret some minor surgery has kept me
from the keyboard until today.

At our recent Baronial Birthday (11 Feb.) we had planned an evening of
feast dance.  Mother Nature had differing ideas.

BUT the idea won't go away.  I am putting together a bid for a Dec day
dance - a relatively low key event, some merchants, pot luck side
lots of dance classes and dancing.

I have site narrowed down to 2 suitable locations, both of which have
for both classes and dance.  What I am in need of are teachers - I have
asked Lord Simon d'Este of Mantua and his lady Mistress Chryse Raptor to
our Dance Leaders, but a few more teachers would be wonderful.

And so, I am asking the Academy - would teachers be available, and
to travel to Bright Hills to teach?

Roana de Laci

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