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Catherine Dean catherinedean at
Thu Feb 9 09:27:51 PST 2006

I guess some clarification is in order.  I'm not getting any spam through the list, per se.  What had been getting was unwanted attachments on legitimate academie e-mails.  Small attachments with titles like untitled-4b.  I notice that I haven't seen any attachments on the last few e-mails that came through (Cosntanza's and Greg's) but for several days everything up to and including Bryan's last e-mail had the strange little attachments.  Did anyone else notice this, or was it just me?

The problem appears to be solved now, although I don't know whether that has anything to do with the computer I'm using to check e-mail (all problem e-mails were noticed when I opened my webmail via my pc at work, the non-problem e-mails have been opened on my mac at home, although I don't really see why that would fix the problem so hopefully it's really resolved itself).  I will let someone know if the problem starts back up again and I can provide more specifics.


>No spam has been sent to the list, but there has been
>some spam coming through the list-related aliases
>(academie-seceratary, etc). I don't remember if you
>have one but if you do, that may be where it is coming
>from. In any case, if its from someone you don't know
>and you weren't expecting it, don't open it. 

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