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Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Feb 8 05:40:30 PST 2006

>> Atlantian Dance Crusade...that sounds like a jolly idea!!
So would that be an event or a philosophy? :)
Here's something related to dancing at events that I wanted to throw out
there.  Anyone who's been to one of the past few Isenfir events will
have seen this, and maybe others are doing it, too, but we've had great
success with it so I wanted to mention it.  To help mitigate the problem
of dancing getting cut short after feast, we've begun setting up the
feast area with the tables around the outside, leaving the center
section open.  During the often unavoidable delay between courses, we
haul out the musicians and have dancing!  It helps break up the
interminable dead time between courses, keeps everyone happy cuz they're
not just twiddling their thumbs, and we get in more dancing!  Obviously
this wouldn't work for really big events, but for smaller ones it's
worked great.
Just a thought to foster more dancing!

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