academie: Almost Ready for Prime Time

Sharon Buczko ldycnstza at
Tue Feb 7 11:26:04 PST 2006


Thank you very much for all your work on the web site.
I just looked through it and have the following

I'd like the
> site to include pictures of the officers, but I have
> none for the
> current crew so please excuse the placeholders. :) 
> Neither Elize nor
> Constanza were blond the last time I saw them.

I'll send you a picture. BTW, you still have the
Stierbach practice listed - I am no longer running a
Stierbach practice as I am living in Bright Hills :) 
I do believe that there is a regular practice in Ponte
Alto and a monthly Bright Hills practice. 

See you all at the Kingdom A&S Academy!

Constanza de Talavera
Seceratary, who will be more active in recruiting and
promotion now that her house is fully purchased and
settled into

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