academie: Almost Ready for Prime Time

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Feb 7 09:50:09 PST 2006

Greetings all!

The Academie website has been sadly out-of-date for some time, which is
entirely my fault, and I humbly apologize.  To remedy that, I have now
gotten together a new look for the site that's also a lot easier to
maintain.  In addition, the event calendar is now database-driven, and
I'll shortly be adding the code that will allow others to access the
data entry system.

The new site is up at: and I'd like a
review by folks before I supplant the current site.  The "Local Dance
Practices" section I know is out of date (except for Isenfir :) so I'd
appreciate updates/additions/deletions to that section.  I'd like the
site to include pictures of the officers, but I have none for the
current crew so please excuse the placeholders. :)  Neither Elize nor
Constanza were blond the last time I saw them.

There will be more coming over time, but as we draw in toward KASF,
which will be the Academie's 6th anniversary, I want to make a renewed
effort at activity and recruiting, and having an up-to-date website is
obviously an important thing for a group whose main form of non-event
interaction is electronic.

So, please, all feedback/suggestions/comments/criticisms will be happily



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