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Tue Feb 7 03:40:01 PST 2006

Hi all, I thought I was on the Academy list but haven't been receiving emails lately. One of our resident musicians copied me on the latest about dancing at University and I saw the query about popularity of dance. 
  At TirYDon and Marinus' Interbaronial 12th night I hosted dancing all day. We had informal dance classes beginning at 1pm and after a stop for feast and court we danced again until the site closed. Poor musicians, I believe calluses were formed that day! The dancers had so much fun they spoke of initiating an Atlantian Dance Crusade. In addition, the College of Rencester has a monthly dance night where old favorites are practiced and new dances learned. There is interest in dancing in Atlantia.
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  Alyna of the Ilex 

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