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We'll keep everyone abreast of post revel dancing plans!
But, Watkyn and everyone else... don't underestimate your ability to
teach dance!  Even if all you feel up to teaching are a few very easy
dances, that's GREAT!  There are lots of folks out there who would like
to know a few easy dances but don't.  They need to get educated!  And
you may find that teaching a University dance class is a lot more fun
than you think, and a lot easier.  In addition, brushing up beforehand
to prepare to teach your class is a great way to get even better
yourself.  Totally a win-win scenario!  And let's face it, SOMEONE
besides Stefan, Evelyn, Domenico, and me need to teach dance!  Much as
you all may love us. ;)
If you only know a couple dances, you're hired!  Toss out what you think
you could teach to this list, and we'll boil it down into an
honest-to-goodness dance track!
(And don't forget the dance competition at Kingdom Arts & Sciences
Festival on Mar 4th ... it's all for fun, there are no losers, so come
and dance and help our art earn its rightful place alongside the other
performing arts!)


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I con't consider myself capable of teaching other than a VERY few easy
selections, but if University is indeed going to be in Isenfir I'd
dearly love to join a consort and play for a post-revel....

Watkyn of Kent, the Rencester Minstrel


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	>It's looking like next University (June) will likely be in
	>though that's not confirmed yet.  I think we should be able to
muster a
	>track in June.  I can teach as many classes as my wife will let
me. :)
	>I can probably also convince a couple Isenfiri that they can
	>dance, too.
	>Who out there would like to teach at the next University,
assuming that
	>it's in Isenfir (specifically in the Waynesboro/Staunton, VA,
	>What topic?  Any REQUESTS for classes by folks who'd like to
	>something covered that hasn't been?
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	>the classes were actually oversubscribed, there is an interest
in them,
	>maybe we can get a full track at the next one
	>no location yet
	>there was dancing after dinner  also, there were 5 musicians
	>done included rufty-tufty, hearts ease, chestnut, grimstock,
	>anello, jenny pluck pears, lorayne alman, black alman, earl of
	>salisbury, upon a summers day, black nag
	>dancing after 12th night went on until the autocrat made us
stop, no
	>musicians though
	>is it happening at other events
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